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Support to Health Facilities

The communities we serve suffer multiple deprivations, including lack of clean water, sanitation, healthcare services, education, housing, and food production.


RWI works in collaboration with local health authorities (Health Zones, and Diocesan Office of Missionary Deeds or BDOM) to sponsor renovation or construction of healthcare centers and supply clean water, medical equipment, and training of local healthcare professionals.

Currently, our efforts focus on renovating health clinics in Matari and Longwama. In addition, we are working with our partners to supply medical equipment to the two health clinics and also to three other hospitals in the areas. 

In addition, RWI organizes field trips of medical professional who want to volunteer for medical mission in the rural area of the Democratic Republic of Congo.


To volunteer for a medical field trip, please fill out this form

Family Support Center

A walk-in, storefront social services facility that provides families in crisis with immediate access to professional social services including foster care prevention, domestic violence workshops, parenting skills classes, alcoholism, and drug abuse). In addition, the Family Support Center organizes community outreach campaigns and workshops on family planning and distributes short acting methods such as pills, emergency contraception, cycle beads, condoms, diaphragm, foam, and jelly. It works in collaboration with the healthcare center and refers women for long acting methods such as injectables, IUD or implants.

Healthy Village

To target the high prevalence of diarrhea and enteric infections in the community, this initiative promotes healthy sanitary and hygienic environment among children and parents through activities and workshops that focus on healthy behaviors and overall wellbeing. The program also promotes positive masculinity to reduce gender-based and domestic violence.

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