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Check out some of our latest work

Through our partner Joseph Mary Hope, we have secured some medical supplies from Novant Health for the health facilities in the Mateko Sector. We are in the process of organizing the shipment. We thank our partner JMHOP for their help and dedication and we look forward to expanding our partnership.


On March 19, 2021 we received some additional medical equipment from Wake Forest Medical School. On April 2nd, we loaded our first shipment in a container and shipped it to Congo. The container is expected in the country in the coming months. We thank Dr Evelyn Anthony for her support and dedication to our cause.


We have been working with Konnect Africa, a local Internet Provider to connect Sacred Heart Hospital in Eolo to High Speed Internet. This project was effective on April 16th, 2021. For the first time ever, the City of Eolo was connected to High Speed Internet through the Hospital. The local healthcare team can now communicate with colleagues outside of Eolo and seek support when necessary. They can also attend remote training for capacity building.

Distribution of clothes and shoes in Matari

We received donations of used and new clothes and shoes, which we have distributed  in Matari. Clothes and shows included different sizes (e.g., ranging from toddlers to adults), and types (e.g., men and women). The population of Matari received the donation with heartfelt gratitude and joy). We would like to show our gratitude to all those who donated clothes and shoes. Let your generosity shines the light of hope and joy to the deprived population we serve.

Book drive

We are conducting a book drive through January 2022 to collect books written in English or French languages to support the schools in Matari because all not only schools in the area lack a library, but also there is growing need among youth to learn English as a second language. Hence, by donating your book(s) you are helping these youth to learn English and expand their opportunities for a better future. Although DR Congo is a Francophone country, it is clear that knowledge of English and basic computer literacy are additional skills one needs to have in order to aim for a better future. 

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