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RWI Promise Academy Elementary, Middle and High Schools

The RWI Promise Academy is a school complex comprised of elementary and middle, and high schools. Our Promise Academy commits to support all attending children to fulfill their educational dreams. RWI Promise Academy follows the Congolese national educational program for elementary, middle, and high school. However, besides the national program, children attending the RWI Promise Academy will have a comprehensive extracurricular program to help them reinforce their academic learnings, while also developing non-cognitive skills. The extracurricular activities involve 3-4 hours of extracurricular activities per week. Topics covered include the core themes of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), but also languages (French and English).

Click on each specific program to learn more:

  • Peacemaker: All elementary, middle school and high school students receive academic support, and attend activities to develop persistence, communication, collaboration, leadership, and guidance in understanding and accessing college orientation. Activities include theaters, arts, communication on non-violence and tolerance (including themes such as observe without judging, expression of needs, learn to accept failures as experiences, etc.).


  • STEM Center: extending the supports that the peacemaker program provides, children in middle, and high school receive extra support in core STEM competences including computer literacy and basic programming language such as phyton and Java. The STEM center also organizes special workshops for students and prepare them to present their work in a community setting. Activities of the STEM center involve external volunteers who lead in-person sessions, or remotely.


  • Center for vocational training: For less performing and average students, a vocational training center provides extra support to students so they can consider vocational trainings in the areas of mechanics, carpentry, masonry, and sewing. This center will also host uneducated adults who want to receive training in sewing, masonry, carpentry, and mechanics. That way, RWI Inc hopes to empower an entire community to thrive together. Those graduating from vocational trainings have the ability to form their own cooperatives with support from RWI, Inc.

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