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Children Supported

Giving a chance to the best to thrive

We identified the top 2 best students in each class at Matari primary school (for a total of 12 classes) and we committed to support them through their education journey. Most of those students never make it through grade 12 mainly for financial constraints. For those who can make it through grade 12, the majority do not go for college education. By supporting these children, we are making significant impact in their lives and that of their respective families. We have moved 4 of the children now in grade 7th to the best middle and high school in the area so they can have the opportunity to get a better education. We plan to do so with the remaining cohort, as they exit elementary school. 

Here below we are presenting the 4 children who are now attending Christ Roi College in Mokala et le Lycee Ndwa-Wi (the best middle and high schools in the area).

You can help us by supporting one of these children fulfill their education dreams.

Meet The Children

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